Our Impact

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Why join our community? Here are the top five reasons to become an EcoSchool:

Empower Youth to be Environmental Citizens

  • Ontario EcoSchools reaches over 880,000 students every year, from kindergarten through grade 12.
  • A student-centered focus develops leadership skills through ecological practices.
  • The EcoReview process helps schools implement environmental action plans.

Develop Ecological Literacy

  • Ecological literacy combined with action falls within the sphere of student influence.
  • Teaching resources are linked to the Ontario Curriculum and Ministry of Education policy.
  • The program kick-starts a systems approach – which is at the heart of ecological literacy.

Build a Whole School Community

  • Certification provides recognition, assessment, and celebration of achievements on an annual basis.
  • There are numerous opportunities for everyone in the school community to work together.
  • EcoSchools creates multi-stakeholder EcoTeams within both schools and the school board.

Strengthen Capacity in Your School System

  • Classroom learning and curriculum become aligned with school operations and facilities.
  • Using EcoSchools, school boards create and implement board-wide waste minimization and energy conservation standards.
  • Ontario EcoSchools shares best practices to inform environmental education at every level of the school system.

Join a Province-wide Network

  • The program has been adopted by 1,720 schools in 55 school boards across Ontario.
  • Participating schools come from northern regions, French-language schools, and from rural and urban areas.
  • All publicly funded schools can participate, certify, and be recognized for their achievements, free of cost.

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