Principals said it!

We are pleased to share two new videos from Principals of certified EcoSchools in the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Principals and administrative staff are keystones of a strong and sustainable EcoSchools program and their leadership can be instrumental in embedding a culture of environmental literacy and stewardship into everyday life at school. Watch Principals McGuckin and Ng to find out why school administration are supporting EcoSchools!

“The changes that I’ve seen in the time I’ve been here is the number of students in the Ecoclub, the opportunities for their involvement out in the community and the amazing initiatives these students want to put on…We have something very special here that’s grown from a small seed.”

Principal McGuckin, Francis Libermann Catholic High School (TCDSB)

“One of the reasons why we are proud to be part of the Ontario EcoSchools program is the culture it cultivates in a school, learning about environmental stewardship and having the whole school take part, come together and support environmental initiatives…[These] initiatives have helped to bring families into the school and helped to build a culture of collaboration.”

Principal Ng, St. Richard Catholic School (TCDSB)

Show your support: Three tips for principals and administrative staff

  • Take the time: Make EcoSchools part of your school culture by setting aside time during the school day for EcoTeam leaders to plan and implement the program. You can also dedicate regular time during staff meetings for teachers and staff to share updates from the EcoTeam.
  • Connect: Take the lead on fostering a partnership with a nearby school – this can enable mentoring of younger students by older students, pooling resources, and learning between schools. Plus, collaboration between schools can be an excellent strategy to grow School Ground Greening initiatives and Environmental Stewardship campaigns.
  • Celebrate: After a successful project such as the launch of a school garden, write a thank you letter to all supporters involved to acknowledge their hard work and collaboration.