Platinum Certification

Platinum certification allows high-achieving schools to deepen their existing program through rich opportunities that engage students in environmental learning and practice.

Schools enrolled in Platinum will complete the standard Ontario EcoSchools application along with a series of additional questions. Schools that do not achieve the necessary requirements for Platinum certification will still certify at the Gold, Silver, or Bronze level.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for Platinum certification schools must have:

  • Certified Gold or Platinum in the year previous
  • Certified for at least five years with no more than a one-year gap
  • Certified Gold for at least three of the past six years

Please note: Schools who have certified Gold for three consecutive years directly before applying for Platinum qualify for early eligibility.

To achieve Platinum, schools must:
  • Familiarize yourself with the Platinum Guide.
  • Submit a Platinum Yearly Planner before the last Friday in November.
  • Meet the minimum requirements for Gold level certification (75% of points in each 6 sections).
  • Complete the Platinum section and achieve a minimum of 20 out of the 25 available points.
  • Receive a school visit.
Platinum Requirements 
Last Friday in November  Complete and upload the Platinum Yearly Planner
Last Friday in January  Input the results of the EcoReview questions in your online application
Last Friday in April  Complete the online application and upload all portfolio requirements
How to Register

When registering in the online certification application, eligible schools will be given the option to enroll in Platinum. If your school is eligible but wasn’t presented with the Platinum option, please contact platinum (at)

The Platinum Yearly Planner

To be eligible for Platinum certification, all participating schools must submit a completed Platinum Yearly Planner by the last Friday in November. This is a three page calendar that allows schools to organize campaigns, implement regular monitoring, and identify key action items. When submitting the Platinum Yearly Planner, it is not necessary to complete each section and not all initiatives need to be fully planned out. For example, instead of including individual Curriculum submissions, “liaise with teachers to start collecting student work” is an appropriate level of detail.

The Platinum Yearly Planner should demonstrate that:
• The EcoTeam has come together to create a comprehensive plan outlining their initiatives and goals.
• The EcoTeam understands the Platinum expectations and has thought about the ways to meet them.
• The EcoTeam has considered events to plan with or plan around (i.e. school-wide events that can “go green”, exams/EQAOs).

Please note: Participating schools must complete the Platinum Yearly Planner, but there are no points awarded for this submission. An Ontario EcoSchools assessor will read through each Platinum Yearly Planner and provide feedback.