Outdoor and Environmental Education Centres

In 2016-17, we ran a pilot partnership with School Board-run Outdoor and Environmental Education Centres (OEEC’s) in order to support these centres using the EcoSchools framework while recognizing their experiential approach to environmental education.

During the pilot, OEEC’s could become certified Ontario EcoSchools by completing the following three steps.

  1. Notify Ontario EcoSchools of your intent to participate in the OEEC pilot by emailing oeec@ontarioecoschools.org before the last Friday in January (January 27, 2017).
  2. Support the pilot partnership model by participating in two engagement activities of your choice (please see the link below for examples).
  3. Provide a brief narrative description of what OEEC staff are doing to model behaviour and support schools within each of the six sections of certification. Download the fillable form here.

You can access the full criteria plus more details about the partnership here.