Levels of Certification

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There are four levels of EcoSchools certification these levels allow schools to work towards collective goals and deepen student engagement.

Level      Bronze     Silver       Gold         Platinum
Total Points            50-65 66-74 75-100 Gold certification plus 20 out of 25 Platinum Section points
Please note: a minimum of 50 points must be claimed to be eligible for certification.

Going for Gold or Platinum?

To earn Gold status, a school must achieve a minimum of 75% of the possible points in EACH of the six sections of certification, as outlined in the table below: For Platinum click here.

Total Points Available Minimum Points to Achieve Gold
Section I      Teamwork and Leadership 16  12
Section II  Energy Conservation 20 15
Section III  Waste Minimization 20 15
Section IV  School Ground Greening 14 10.5
Section V  Curriculum 14 10.5
Section VI  Environmental Stewardship 16 12
TOTAL: 100 75
Schools that achieve more than 75 points in total, but do not accomplish the 75% minimum in points in one or more of the sections will be awarded Silver level.

TIP: Avoid disappointment by reviewing your application to ensure that you have claimed the necessary points for Gold in EACH section.