Certify Now

Why Certify?

  • Get recognized and celebrated by your community and board for environmental learning and action
  • Join and be supported by a province-wide program to build environmentally responsible school communities
  • Nurture environmental leaders by using the EcoSchools framework of doable, student-centered actions
  • Be assessed based on a provincial standard to further your school’s progress and growth
  • Receive an EcoSchools plaque and seal for each year of certification

Is your school ready to take the next step? Get full details in our Certification Guide

Is my school eligible?

All publicly-funded schools can apply for the annual certification program for free. Private schools click here for more info.

How to Certify

ecoteampic Establish your school’s EcoTeam, and register your school on the online certification application. Registration opens the end of September each year.



ecoreviewpic-jpg Conduct your school’s Energy Conservation and Waste Minimization Initial EcoReviews and input results into your online application by January 27, 2017.



planpic Plan out your environmental learning and actions with the Yearly Planner. Use the six sections of the EcoSchools program to look for areas to take action.



actionpic Take action and engage your whole school community in environmental learning and direct action. Start small, identify one or two actions and build on your success!



reflectpic After each campaign take some time to evaluate, reflect, recommend improvements for next steps. Input each campaign and action into your online application throughout the year.



celebratepic Upload all supporting portfolio requirements and complete your application by April 28, 2017 (early-bird deadline: April 21, 2017). Prepare for your school visit. Click here for more school visit information.



Key Deadlines to Remember

January 27: Input Initial EcoReview results into the online application.

April 21: Early Bird deadline for online certification application

April 28: Complete all applicable questions, upload required portfolio documents, and submit the application.