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(continued) Environmental Learning and Actions help Haiti move forward one step at a time

MEC posted flyers for the two campaigns on the school website. They also advertised the initiative over the school PA system. As Maza de la Roche is a paperless school, the environment club only printed two copies of the flyer: one is posted on the main door of the school and one copy is for the school environment file.  

Please be aware that there are many 'Haiti collection campaigns' on the internet.  Check to ensure that collection campaigns are active and legitimate.  Also, by supporting Haitian-based programs sometimes shipping costs can be reduced.  Sending only items that Haiti truly needs at this time is also important.

At the bottom of every flyer from MEC you will find a 'stamp of approval' picture of Mazo's two principals (Mme. Suzanne Tordjman, and Mr. Nereo Bonomo). The 'stamp of approval'  has become MEC's silent way of recognizing their principals' unwavering support of the club's school wide environmental campaigns and initiatives.

This initiative could qualify as an Environmental Stewardship submission for certification. In each Stewardship project it is important to clearly connect an environmental issue (e.g., waste reduction through reusing, conserving natural resources by reusing, etc) and ensure that the community is aware that the initiative is addressing the environmental issue as well as the clear need that people have for these items!

Click the flyers above to download the corresponding pdf.


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