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At Trillium, Green is the New Black
The students and staff of Trillium Demonstration School have gone green this year, incorporating the “Go Green!” message into all aspects of daily activity.  In lessons, fundraisers, residence life and guest-speakers, Trillium is well on its way to becoming an Ontario EcoSchool.

Recycling Workshop at Trillium Demonstration School
Motivational Recycling Workshop
The “Go Green!” theme has been present at Trillium since the beginning of the school year, starting with a motivational workshop on recycling presented by John Watson, the education coordinator for Halton Waste Management. John’s inspirational message has taken over the entire student body and staff at Trillium.

Landfill Roadtrip and Cafeteria Challenge
The workshop was followed by a road trip to the landfill site where John explained the functions of the site and where students saw firsthand what happens to the waste that we create.

During Waste Reduction Week, the students and staff were involved in the cafeteria challenge and Trillium was awarded top marks!

Wind and Solar Power Workshop
In October, a school-wide workshop was held with guest-speaker Per Drewes whose presentation was focused on wind and solar power. Students were able to get a firsthand look at how a solar panel works and were able to use the energy captured by the solar panels to power a water pump. Through hands on learning, these students have come to a better understanding of alternative energy and the importance of reducing the energy that we use on a daily basis.

Ontario EcoSchools Certification
Student council has engaged students and staff in “going green” and the whole school is working hard to achieve their Ontario Eco-School Certification this year. A few more of their initiatives are listed below:
  • On Go Green Day the entire school population wore green
  • Daily morning announcements on recycling
  • Hallowe’en costumes were made from recycled materials;
  • Recycled art/bulletin boards
  • Paperless classrooms
  • Conserving energy by turning the lights and monitors off
  • Continuing walkabouts that review energy and waste reduction



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