EECC (Experienced)

The Experienced EcoSchools Certification Cycle gives long-standing Ontario EcoSchools a chance to deepen their program, focus on a specific project, and strengthen their EcoTeam.

Is my school eligible?

In order to be eligible to enroll in EECC, schools must have:

  • Consistently certified as an EcoSchool for five years or more.
  • Currently hold Silver, Gold, or Platinum status.
  • Not be scheduled to receive a school visit in the current academic year.
The EECC consists of one pledge year and one application year.

The pledge year is designed to give schools time to focus on environmental learning and action without having to submit a standard application. During the pledge year, schools will continue at the same level of environmental engagement, but have extra time to grow and expand their EcoSchools program. A pledge year is followed by an application year in which schools submit an application and receive a school visit.

How to Register

When registering in the online certification application, eligible schools will be given the option to enroll in EECC. If your school is eligible but wasn’t presented with the EECC option, please contact us at eecc (at)

Read the EECC Guide.

Pledge Year Requirements 
September 30 Registration opens
Last Friday in January Complete, upload and submit your Yearly Planner and EcoTeam Pledge
Last Friday in April Complete and submit your Team Building Activity


*For schools submitting a video for their Team Building Activity, we recommend uploading your video in the week before the deadline to avoid slow connections.