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For 2017, we are excited to launch a webinar series that connects climate change to a range of environmental topics. These webinars are presented in tandem with three excellent environmental organizations who are experts in their field. The offerings are FREE, open to anyone who wishes to attend, and taking place from 3:30pm- 5pm EST on the dates listed below.

January 24, 2017
Green Careers: Tips on the sector & job search 

How can students take their environmental values from school to the workplace? Join ECO Canada in a webinar that explains and explores environmental employment, the green economy, and jobs that connect to climate change mitigation. Through the webinar, participants will gain a better sense of the sector, including current labour market research. Participants will also get tips on how to prepare to work in the environmental sector, suggestions on the job search, and an overview of the products and support that ECO Canada offers to professionals keen on being green.

Presenter: As Director of Research at ECO Canada, Joanne O’Connell (CRMP) works with the research team to continually supply create research which supports labour force capable of carrying out Canada’s environmental needs. ECO conducts continuous LMI (“Labour Market Intelligence”) projects, as well as manages through research the NOS standards (“National Occupational Standards”) which certify workers with the EP (“Environmental Professional”) label to demonstrate environmental competence.

Feb 15, 2017
Energy4Travel: Exploring Sustainable Transportation



This Let’s Talk Science webinar for grades 8-12 teachers will explore how the CurioCity web-based national citizen science project Energy4Travel can help students develop skills of collaboration and critical thinking while exploring the environmental impact of their transportation use. Participants will learn how to navigate and use the online interface and curriculum-aligned educator resources that support the project.

Presenter: Kim Taylor is an Education Specialist at Let’s Talk Science. She combines her knowledge of education, science and learning in the creative development of unique educational programs and products both online and in print. She has Honours Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education degrees.

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March 29, 2017
Agriculture, Climate Change, and Meatless Mondays


Learn about the environmental issues caused by animal agriculture, with a particular focus on climate change. Discover how schools across North America are educating their students on this topic, and encouraging them to consume fewer animal products and more plant-based foods through programs such as Meatless Mondays. Explore effective ways to engage students with the intersections between sustainability, animal protection, and human health.

Presenter: Gabriel Wildgen, is a campaign manager with Humane Society International/Canada, which together with its affiliates is one of the largest animal protection groups in the world. He has worked on several wildlife protection campaigns, liaising with corporations, grassroots groups, and all levels of government to improve policy for animals. His current focus is educating the public about the benefits of plant-based eating for the environment, animals, and our health.

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