Winter Walk Day with Burford District Elementary School (GEDSB)

Published by sbradley on 2017-03-22

Here is an example of a school-wide Environmental Stewardship campaign that gets students outdoors and actively learning about environmental issues such as the link between transportation choices and air pollution. Read on to find out how this engaged EcoSchool learned to leave footprints only during their Winter Walk Day!

When did your Winter Walk Day take place?

Our Winter Walk Day happened in late February; it seemed more like a Spring Walk since the weather was beautiful. On our original Winter Walk date (February 1st), we were unable to walk because of the windchill temperature!

Who participated?

More than 500 students and all staff members walked a path along the school track and through the wooded area near our school, lined with pylons and posters sharing eco facts.


What kinds of facts did your school community share?

Our EcoTeam put up posters communicating eco facts related to driving to school, such as “cars create smog which is bad for your health – please walk” and “One car emits 8000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.” These facts clearly linked our school community’s transportation choices to local environmental and health concerns.

What kinds of messaging did you use for your campaign?

Instead of focussing solely on the negative environmental impacts of driving, we saw Winter Walk Day as an opportunity for staff and students to “leave footprints only” – in fact, this was our event’s slogan. As participants enjoyed their walk to school, they were encouraged to reflect on the benefits of walking and how our daily actions – like travelling to and from school – impact the environment.


How were students encouraged to take part?

Beyond enjoying some time outside with their friends outside of the school day, each student received a sweet treat in the shape of a Big Foot to help remember the event slogan, “leave footprints only”.

How will you keep up the momentum from your successful Winter Walk Day?

The event coordinator, Giovanna Kinrade, who is a teacher and member of the school’s Eco Committee, says that Winter Walk will be an annual event and that Burford District, as a proud Gold EcoSchool, will continue to partake in eco friendly activities throughout the year.

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